Artist Portfolios

Artist Portfolios are an artifact from the past. With the exception of maintaining offsite links to offsite artist pages this page is rarely updated. For comments or inquires please use our contact form.

Alan LilesLiles_OM-DigestingPond_125p – Photo-digital abstract prints on aluminum, face-mounted acrylic, canvas, and paper.



Alan SanbornAlan Sanborn, watercolor, 2014 - photographed by – Annual artwork for the North Coast Growers Association’s Farmers’ Market poster.



An Arcata AgoArcataWarf379_LR_125p – A collection of remastered vintage photos from Humboldt State University Library Special Collections.



Beverly HarperHarper_LeftOnTrinity_125p – Limited edition prints from oil on canvas paintings featuring whimsical and iconic views of California’s north coast.



Derek BondBond_CaliforniaDogFace_125p – Limited edition prints from egg tempera paintings from observation and communion with nature.



Jeff JordanJeff Jordan, Agadez, 14x14 limited edition, 10 x 10 open edition. – Limited edition prints of postmodern surrealist paintings on panel.



Jim McVickerMcVicker_ConfusionHillBridge_125p – Oil paintings from life featuring Humboldt County’s coastal light in the studio and en plain air.



John Andy DoernerDoerner_Irene_125p – Limited edition prints from watercolor and mixed media paintings of  sail and steam driven ships of the Pacific.



Linda ParkinsonParkinson_KingFisher_125p – Limited edition prints from watercolor paintings of birds native to the North Coast of California.



Nancy KennedyKennedy_QR2014_125p – Handwoven wool and linen rugs from original and commissioned designs: it’s Art Underfoot.



Orr MarshallMarshall_SayokoMagicUmbrella_125p – Limited edition prints on paper and canvas of bi-cultural themed (Japanese and American) paintings and drawings.




Peggy Irvinephotographed by Joseph Wilhelm, – Watercolor paintings in the tradition of botanical illustration.





Susanna Gallisdorfer  – Acrylic paintings on Tyvek created from an inward contemplation of light and revelation.



Takayama, oil on two wood panels, 57 x 34, 2015

Tina Rousselot – Oil paintings in the minimalist tradition that are complex, yet simple and calm.