Artist Portfolios

Alan LilesLiles_OM-DigestingPond_125p – Photo-digital abstract prints on aluminum, face-mounted acrylic, canvas, and paper.



Alan SanbornAlan Sanborn, watercolor, 2014 - photographed by – Annual artwork from 2005-17 for the North Coast Growers Association’s  Farmer’s Market poster.



An Arcata AgoArcataWarf379_LR_125p – A collection of remastered vintage photos from Humboldt State University Library Special Collections.



Beverly HarperHarper_LeftOnTrinity_125p – Limited edition prints from oil on canvas paintings featuring whimsical and iconic views of California’s north coast.



Derek BondBond_CaliforniaDogFace_125p – Limited edition prints from egg tempera paintings from observation and communion with nature.



Jeff JordanJeff Jordan, Agadez, 14x14 limited edition, 10 x 10 open edition. – Limited edition prints of postmodern surrealist paintings on panel.



Jim McVickerMcVicker_ConfusionHillBridge_125p – Oil paintings from life featuring Humboldt County’s coastal light in the studio and en plain air.



John Andy DoernerDoerner_Irene_125p – Limited edition prints from watercolor and mixed media paintings of  sail and steam driven ships of the Pacific.



Linda ParkinsonParkinson_KingFisher_125p – Limited edition prints from watercolor paintings of birds native to the North Coast of California.



Nancy KennedyKennedy_QR2014_125p – Handwoven wool and linen rugs from original and commissioned designs: it’s Art Underfoot.



Orr MarshallMarshall_SayokoMagicUmbrella_125p – Limited edition prints on paper and canvas of bi-cultural themed (Japanese and American) paintings and drawings.




Peggy Irvinephotographed by Joseph Wilhelm, – Watercolor paintings in the tradition of botanical illustration.





Susanna Gallisdorfer  – Acrylic paintings on Tyvek created from an inward contemplation of light and revelation.



Takayama, oil on two wood panels, 57 x 34, 2015

Tina Rousselot – Oil paintings in the minimalist tradition that are complex, yet simple and calm.